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Is an on-premise solution better for your business?

If you feel more comfortable keeping your data and storage in your physical location, Worry-Free Office offers an On-Premise solution. Your private server will remain at your place of business and will still be accessible to our team to maintain remotely. A key benefit of on-premise solutions is that everything that can be done in the cloud can be done on-premise as well.

A business may choose the on-premise option for an array of reasons, including:

  • Ownership, an on-premise solution allows you to purchase and own your hardware.
  • Flexibility, owning your own hardware and software allows the business flexibility to decide which applications to run in the cloud and which to not. This is especially beneficial when some of your applications are not cloud friendly.
  • Risk management or compliancy, sensitive business data is better served in a more controlled environment like an on-premise solution.
  • Control, you are completely in control with a physical data and storage solution.

Trying to decide which data storage option is best for your company? Talk to one of our solutions experts to determine a custom service that will help your business succeed.

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