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A list of our most frequently asked IT questions. If you have an additional question that we didn’t cover, please let us know by contacting us.

What can CORTEX provide for my company?

CORTEX’s Worry-Free Office includes all the basic infrastructure needed to run your business, including Email, Office, Remote Desktop, Shared Drives, Managed Services and Virus/Backup Protection. You can find out more about Worry-Free Office here

Can I run a SQL database?

Yes, you can include SQL hosting and management services in your package. We give more details about our Managed Service Hosting here

Can I run Quickbooks?

Yes, you can run QB Desktop version within your cloud desktop along with Microsoft Office Suite, PDF Viewer, Adobe Acrobat and other LOB applications. Find out the programs available through our virtual and remote desktops here. 

Why does my company need to move our IT resources to the Cloud?

The Cloud provides excellent security, scalability and cost-efficiency and allows you to host a variety of programs, databases and applications; you also can increase your amount of data storage and internal memory based on your company’s needs. CORTEX’s Cloud Services are explained here.

My website is built on WordPress. Will you be able to host and maintain it?

Absolutely. Our expert Worry-Free Support staff will keep a constant watch on your site, whether you use WordPress, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) or any other website servers. Find out more about hosting options through CORE here.

How will you keep my website, email and data secure?

CORTEX is dedicated to protecting our clients’ crucial digital assets through the use of anti-virus protection and anti-malware protection. We also use patch management systems to make sure updates for your devices and applications occur automatically. Find out more about our security options here.

What kind of support can CORTEX provide for my business?

Our Worry-Free Support Staff work tirelessly to keep your operations running as smoothly as possible. Worry-Free Office provides a telephonic help desk, onsite service, break-fix services, remote support and monthly scheduled service visits (depending on client contract). Discover more about our support options here.

Our company is a small business and/or startup. Will CORTEX be able to help us?

CORTEX enjoys helping small businesses and startups leverage technology to meet their IT needs and succeed in their day-to-day operations. We provide everything from disaster recovery plans, technology and business consulting, SaaS development and more. Set up a time to speak with one of our solutions experts here.

What infrastructure needs can CORTEX meet for my company?

CORTEX’s experts will oversee the installation of infrastructure options such cabling, firewalls, managed networks and Voice/VoIP. Find out more about those different options here.

How do we get started?

The easiest way is to request a quote here and set up a time to speak with one of our solutions experts. In our contact form, you can provide contact information about your company, website, number of users needing IT services and any notes or descriptions of special/custom applications that your business uses. From there, we will be able to meet with in-person or over the phone to go over your needs and determine the best way for us to partner with you.

CORTEX is a complete internal services solution for any business. With support that is on call 24 hours a day to help you accomplish your needs concerning your restaurant, business or institution. Our IT services are available for any and all businesses. Our partners range from large health cafeterias, small businesses and franchised chains. We take technology seriously and are always pushing forward with new features and bug fixes to seamlessly integrate our customer’s experience into their business platform. With over 20 years in the technology industry, CORTEX is the best choice to meet the needs of your business.