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Phishing and Stimulus Scams

By March 23, 2020May 26th, 2022Ransomware
phishing and stimulus

With rumors of a government stimulus on the horizon, it is especially important to be aware phishing attempts trying to take advantage of the situation. The FTC published an article on March 18th to raise awareness of potential phishing and stimulus scams. The main bullet points being:

  • The government WILL NOT ask you to pay any fee or charge to receive the stimulus.
  • The government WILL NOT ask you for any personal information.
  • The stimulus is not yet approved or finalized, anyone that tells you they can get you money now, or get your money faster, is a scammer.

The government WILL NOT contact you by email or social media. The IRS will almost always contact you via certified mail before attempting other methods (phone or visit). If you are ever contacted by someone claiming to be from the government or the IRS, disconnect the call and contact them via one of their public customer support numbers (find your local office’s contact information at

Other malicious actors have already started taking advantage of the pandemic as well. The Illinois Public Health website was reportedly infected with ransomware on March 16th. Be especially wary of emails with links or requests that seem overly urgent. Refer to our email safety tips for additional information.

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