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SecurityKeeping Your Data Safe and Secure 24 | 7

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When you consider all of the data related to your business, you want to make sure your files have the most efficient security.

They should be –

  1. Perfectly organized
  2. Completely secure

Whether your files, data and applications are hosted in the cloud, on premises or in between (a hybrid of both options), CORTEX will provide you the most effective and secure outsourced IT solution that your company, small business or startup needs to be successful every single day. By utilizing methods such as anti-virus protection, anti-malware protection and patch management, our Worry-Free Support staff will ensure the safety of your data.

Antivirus Protection: All data, both business and personal, now have some sort of digital connection in your life, which makes antivirus protection software that much more important to have on your devices. Viruses can be designed to replicate and spread from one network or system to another. These viruses can both corrupt your system and destroy your data. Antivirus protection is an essential tool for protecting your data.

Anti-malware Protection: Malware is a more general term than virus in that the definition of the term also includes malicious software such as spyware, trojan horses, adware, ransomware and more. The broader reach of malware allows for specialized software that can protect your computer or mobile device from these threats (i.e. ransomware for your MacBook, adware for your Android smartphone, etc.).

Patch Management: As technology develops, the threshold for system updates and other changes will continue to increase each day. As a small business owner, these updates can represent another unnecessary headache for your daily operations. By outsourcing your IT to CORTEX, our patch management solution will ensure that every update for your data and devices occurs automatically, allowing you to continue running your company Worry-Free.

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